About ISO Limited


      Who We Are

      Since 1995, ISO has been leading change in the way the waterfront operates, and in particular cargo logistics, handling millions of tonnes of cargo per year.

      ISO has grown from a one port stevedore to a multi-faceted services provider, supplying services throughout New Zealand, and also in Australia and the USA.

      Our reputation and history show our dedication to applying innovation and achieving competitive excellence in supply chain transparency.

      Our Company Purpose is

      "To radically improve supply chains through empowered people and applied innovation"


      Our Brand Promise is to

      "Exceed Expectations"



      What We Do

      ISO offers our customers services in:

      • IT Solutions
      • Stevedoring
      • Marshalling, Warehousing and Container Packing
      • Transport and Distribution

      ISO provides cargo logistics services throughout New Zealand including ports of: Marsden Point, Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Dunedin and Timaru, and also in ports in Australia and the USA.

      ISO has ISO 9001 certification and has a proven and audited quality management system (QMS) to ensure its customers get the very best in service standards. ISO is a MPI Phytosanitary Security service provider.

      ISO offers transparent cost effective services which add value to our customers in many different ways. We have our own in-house IT systems and processes which ensure a high degree of accuracy and control is achieved. ISO uses its proprietary stowage and inventory management systems for vessel, yard and warehouse management to ensure auditable track-and-trace of all cargoes handled from commencement of operations through to when it leaves ISO's control.

      ISO's management is the first to acknowledge its efficiency and effectiveness as a logistics company does not start and end with its proven IT, EH&S and QM Systems - its skilled people are the major part of the equation. Our personnel are widely acknowledged as some of the best in the industry and are available 24/7 365 days a year to our customers.



      It is the collective will of ISO and our personnel to achieve our Company Purpose through the demonstration of our core values, our skill and our positive attitude to the introduction of innovation and management of change for the benefit of our customers.

      ISO operates to achieve a partnership standing, which enhances our customers' and our own world competitiveness.

      These are the Core Shared Values which ISO and our personnel individually and collectively uphold in the pursuit of our Company Purpose:

      • Your Safety. Safety is of paramount importance.
      • Respect for People and Company. We will grow, develop and respect our People and similarly respect our Company and its trust in us.
      • Our Customer's respect. We value and listen to our customers. If we lose our customer's respect we will lose their work.
      • Listen and Innovate. We equally listen to experience, adopt best practice and apply innovation.
      • Lead Change. Our attitude to change is to be ready for the challenge.
      • Competitve Excellence. We will strive to achieve a competitive level of excellence in everything we do but not at the cost of our Core Shared Values.


      "Exceed Expectations"

      Our company culture is one of honesty and integrity, focused on delivering what our customers want with an innovative ‘can do’ approach backed by the integrity of our proven systems. We are always willing to be flexible for our customers to accommodate changes as they arise, while continually focusing on the quality of what we do to achieve measurable accuracy and unmatched safe productivity.



      As of 1 January 2015, ISO Limited was acquired by Qube Ports & Bulk, a leading logistics provider throughout Australia, and now, through ISO, New Zealand. This new ownership brings a stronger position to the group and enables ISO to have access to a higher level of resources to further improve on safety and product care

      Gained AS/NZ 4801 certification of ISO Health and Safety Management System

      Commenced export log operations at two further ports in Australia (Burnie and Newcastle (SaaS contract for Forestry NSW))

      Commenced marshalling of export logs from Louisiana, USA (Baton Rouge and New Orleans)

      Commenced log yard services, weighbridge management and provision, railhead receival and load out operations, and export log marshalling operations in Mt Maunganui, Murupara and Kaingaroa for Timberlands and Pacific Forest Products, and extended then current stevedoring contract

      Commenced export log marshalling for Matariki Forest Trading Limited through Tauranga, and extended all then current stevedoring contracts in all prior held port locations as well as extended the then current MFT marshalling contract in Napier. Port locations are: Marsden Point, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington and Timaru

      ISO also extended its LMS technology reach with Dynes Transport Limited winning work in Port Chalmers and Bluff using our LMS as a SaaS

      Commenced marshalling operations at two ports in Australia (Adelaide and Portland) for Forestry South Australia, OneFortyOne Pty Limited and Pentarch Forest Products Pty Limited

      Commenced provision of contract log yard services at Pan Pac Forest Products Limited, Napier

      Commenced export log marshalling in Kona, Hawaii for Pacific Forest Products Limited

      Commenced export log container packing operations at Metroport, now relocated to Wiri, South Auckland

      Rolled into full production our proprietary Log Marshalling System (LMS)

      Commenced providing LMS Software as a Service (SaaS) for Dynes Transport

      ISO Transport secured special permits for exemption of load binding on public roads

      ISO Technology rolls into production IMSv2

      Commenced container packing and breakbulk handling in Mount Maunganui for Sequal Lumber

      Name changed from International Stevedoring Operations Limited to ISO Limited to better reflect its move away from offering mainly stevedoring services to a business providing a full range of cargo logistics services

      Commenced warehousing operations at Mount Maunganui

      Gained ISO 9001 certification of ISO Quality Management System

      Awarded marshalling and warehousing contract with CHH Pulp & Paper for Pulp operations ex-rail to stack to stow

      Commenced Goodman Fielder grain import contract at Mount Maunganui (JV with J Swap Contractors)

      Commenced Bulk (Coal) discharge operations

      Commenced stevedoring operations in Marsden Point (Whangarei)

      Commenced stevedoring operations in Picton

      SHIPsys™ final production systems implemented

      Commenced operations in the South Island ports of Nelson, Timaru, Port Chalmers and Bluff

      Commenced contract for loading all CHH Finished Product C&F vessels

      Began first full year in Tauranga handling kiwifruit for Zespri International Ltd which subsequently became a contract for Tauranga Kiwifruit Logistics Ltd

      Commenced stevedoring operations in Whangarei

      Commenced stevedoring operations in Napier

      Commenced stevedoring operations in Tauranga, Gisborne and Wellington